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Proforge Upper Control Arms

Please note – the content of this page is intended for Australian Consumers. For advice specific to your region, contact your local Ironman 4×4 retailer or distributor. For our customers based in the USA, please contact the local Ironman 4×4 USA head office at or 855-476-5714.


The safety of our customers is number one.

We’ve identified that the ball joint of the Pro Forge Upper Control Arm does not meet the Ironman 4×4 standard, whereby premature wearing is occurring. Consequently, the Upper Control Arm may fail prematurely, creating a risk of accident or injury to the vehicle occupants and other road users.

Effective immediately, we’re recalling all Ironman 4×4 Pro Forge Upper Control Arms.

Affected products were sold from January 2019 to June 2023 and are under product codes of UCA001FA, UCA001FAS, UCA041FA, UCA041FAS, UCA048FA, UCA050FA, UCA054FA, UCA054FAS, UCA056FA, UCA073FA, UCA074FA, UCA075FA or UCA090FA.


Consumers should contact an Ironman 4×4 store or authorised reseller to arrange an initial inspection to arrange a repair or replacement of the affected product at a suitable time. Replacement or repair of the product will be carried out at no charge.


We’re well underway in sourcing and rigorously testing a new ball joint with an updated design to ensure the Pro Forge Upper Control Arm remains the premium product it is.

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